Loka national Park is one of the wildlife conservation areas located 362 km & 87 km from Addis Ababa & Hawassa respectively. Out of which 28kms is all-weather gravel road on highway route to Dilla turning right to Loka Wereda where the park is located. The park is established in 2001 E.C. and covers an area of 500 sq.km. The landscape of Loka National Park is characterized by interesting high ruffed mountain ranges, escarpments & small hills. The area has rich & intact vegetation covers which include grassland with scattered trees, woodlands, mountain & reverine forests. Recent records show that about 21 species of larger mammals & 57 bird species inhabit the park. The most conspicuous and observed mammals include Lesser kudu, Defersa, Waterbuck, Common bushbuck, Lion, Leopard & Wild dog. The park also harbors abundance of bird species: Helmeted Guinea fowl, Carmine bee-eater, Long crested eagle, Black kit , Drongo, Crested francolin, Buffalo weaver, Common Bulbul, Red & Yellow Barbet Vulture were among others that encountered in the survey.