Firstly I would like to express my gratitude on the behalf of the culture and tourism bureau for visiting our website ( and founding out our regions natural, cultural and historical tourism attraction.  Out of the 80 nations and nationalities existing in our country 56 of them are found living in peace and mutual respect in our region. The rich culture of the people the customs, ornaments , the different musical instruments the celebrations, cultural foods and many other are the indicators of the beauty in diversity. Our bureau is working on conserving tangible and intangible heritages and languages and cultural values resource as one of the supporting factors for the development of the tourism industry.

S/N/N/P/R is the owner of seven national parks that are under the administration of our bureau and two other parks that are under the administration of the federal government along with different wild animals and natural resource under it. Not long ago the Sidama nation new year celebration has been recognized as one of intangible attractions with other three found in our region including the:- Tiya megaliths, the lower OMO valley, Konso cultural village, and the PALIO anthropological site making S/N/N/P/R the owner of recognizable resources.

Our bureau is doing a great deal in order to protect the natural, cultural and historical resources found in our region and inflicting a great influence to strengthen the tourism industry. It’s also our aim to further the length of time tourists in our region. In order to do so different actions has been taken like:- making institutions more appealing and comfortable so that they can give more qualified services, producing different cultural instruments with better qualities.

Finally, I would like to point out that infrastructures are being improved better than any other time, so far those capitalists who want to play their roles, I would make all the necessary arrangements.

Thank you!
Akmel Mohammed Usman (PhD), Head of Culture and Tourism Bureau